100 Base Game Traits by Vicky Sims

100 Base Game Traits by Vicky Sims

100 Base Game Traits by Vicky Sims

Vicky Sims’ mod packs add new traits to your sims that are base game compatible, each featuring their own special set of benefits, quirks and effects on relationships.

This trait allows your sims to inquire about each other’s favorite cake! Additionally, they gain an increase in baking skill development as well as new cooking-related impulses.


One of the most sought-after mods for Sims, this package contains over 100 individual traits with buffs and interactions to make them feel more human. There are social traits like sexist, generous, shy etc as well as several dozen relationships, careers and personality traits included.

This mod is ideal for players looking to add more dimension to their sims’ personalities. It allows up to five extra traits which will directly influence emotional and social needs, as well as being compatible with More Traits Slots by Thepancake1 and MizoreYukii to give your sims six slots for additional traits.


If your Sims tend to romanticise everything they encounter, this trait could be perfect. It enables new social interactions and buffs related to romance.

This mod brings back the ability to add five traits in CAS! One of the most sought-after mods on curseforge, it is essential for anyone interested in giving their Sims additional personality traits.

Created by Kiarasims4mods, this trait gives your Elder Sims the ability to live on a farm and unlocks a variety of whims, skills and career advantages that come along with farm life. Furthermore, it comes equipped with an exclusive cooking-related skill which enables faster recipe learning!


If you want to add more depth to your Sims 4 gameplay, this trait mod is perfect. It allows Sims to inherit their parents’ traits, providing an extra level of realism for Sims.

Radiophobe has created this custom content trait which gives your Sims zodiac traits that affect their compatibility and aspiration levels – perfect for any astrology enthusiasts out there! It makes for a fun addition for those interested in this branch of science!

NateTheL0ser’s custom character trait provides just the extra drama your Sim needs in their life! Moodlets add variety while simultaneously increasing the chances of conception.


Lifestyle traits give your Sims special hobbies and quirks that they’ll love to express! From being music enthusiasts to art enthusiasts, these new traits allow Sims to pursue their passions and pursue them with relish!

The Genetics Mod is an excellent way to make your Sims feel more realistic, as their parents’ genes and personalities influence them directly in a meaningful manner. Furthermore, this mod also adds some interesting family-related whims and activities!

Dungeons and Dragons fans, take note! This mod offers players an adventurous trait that encourages more risk taking! Even more daring lifestyle buffs are available.


Vicky Sims adds Hobbies and Interests traits to your game, enabling you to customize their passions or quirks! From being faithful sims to girly girls, these new traits will add even more personality than before!

This mod adds 100 traits to your game, divided into different categories such as emotional response, social image, relationships, appearance and talent/weakness. Players have the option to have all traits available through CAS or, for a simpler experience, install More Traits Slots mod by thepancake1 and MizoreYukii instead.


Sims inherit traits from both parents in similar fashion to humans; for instance if both parent sims share an identical natural skin tone then their offspring will inherit that attribute; hair color and texture inheritance is dependent upon which parent the offspring receives it from; there may even be hidden genetic traits passed down when children reach teens.

Radiophobe’s mod adds a wide selection of zodiac traits as rewards in the Aspiration Store without taking up one of your three limited trait slots – perfect for creating unique astrology families or adding some variety to existing ones.


Toddlers will love this essential mod, which makes them talkative and cute while increasing their Woohoo skill and providing them with gaming-related perks and treats!

This mod adds additional slots for traits so teens, children, and toddlers can have more than the standard three traits. Furthermore, infants can now have multiple traits.

This mod makes your Sims more lifelike by adding emotions and interactions that EA might not have added, plus is available free on cursefire.

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