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World PMV Games 2023

The World PMV Games 2023 will be an international multi-sport event, hosting events from different sports. Unlike Olympic Games, host cities do not need to construct new facilities for the event and can use existing ones; however, organizers must provide uniforms and safety equipment specific for each sport being featured at these Games.


The World PMV Games is an annual competition that pits editors against each other to produce the ultimate Porn Music Video (PMV). Launched as two separate competitions in 2015 and later combined into its current format in 2017, each year’s contest has had a different theme to test creators’ creativity; 2017’s theme being’versus,’ so you might see videos with Skinny Vs Thicc or Oral Vs Anal themes among others. Winners of this year’s World PMV Games will be announced May 13th; you can vote by visiting subreddit PornMusicVids or Empornium to view them all!


The World PMV Games is the world’s premier Porn Music Video competition, pitting editors against each other to focus on a specific theme – such as narrative this year – in order to tell an engaging and impactful tale.

Judges will evaluate each entry based on various criteria, such as creativity and beat sync. Furthermore, they will assess its visual flow and how well it matches with the music.

As part of the PMV Games’ mission to introduce underexposed performers to new audiences, all videos submitted must acknowledge all performances featured within them. This is to promote equitable treatment of performers across multiple categories and ensure everyone gets equal exposure.

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